Recently, We heard a good news from whatsapp. WhatsApp is going to add to new feature on its new upcoming update. Whatsapp has recently launched new beta version for its android beta users.

What’s New In This Update?

This update is related to message forwarding feature. Related to this feature, WhatsApp is going to add a new feature. The very first forwarding info. By using this feature you can know the information of forwarded message by friend, relative and groups. And another one is frequently forwarded message. With the help of this feature you can that a message how many time forward. You can see the number of forwarding time of a message. The company has rollout its beta version for its android users.

According to WABetaInfo, Both features have seen on its Android latest beta version 2.19.97. Although the frequently forwarding feature is in the development stage and I hope the company will roll out this feature very soon. This feature will appear in group chat settings and forwarding info option will appear in the info section where the users can the message how many times forwarded.

Although, You will know this info when you will forward that message to others. It means if you want to know that a message how many times forwarded than you to first forward that message to others. These feature will be roll out for its users very soon.

Let me tell you one more thing, Frequently forwarded will be a tag. That will be show with forwarded message. If any message forwarded more than 4 times than that message will be with frequently forwarded tag.