Tech Tip #1

Today, We are most of us love to watch YouTube videos or listen to Pieces of music on Laptops and PCs. But at a time We are not able to do multiple things on our Laptop or PCs like, While we are watching YouTube videos, So we can not do other things. So I am here with a solution to this problem. You can watch YouTube videos while you are doing another task on your computer. There is a very simple solution for Floating YouTube Videos. So Let’s Begin…

Steps To Float YouTube Video In Laptop or PC.

You need Opera Browser to float YouTube Videos on your laptop or desktop.

  1. Download Opera Browser
  2. Open in Opera Browser
  3. Just Play Any Video, Which you want to float
  4. Click On Float Icon, See in screenshot.
YouTube Window Float
Window Float Icon

After clicking on this icon, You will see a floated window on your screen. Now you can move the floated window everywhere on your laptop and pc screen. That will be on Top of all windows.

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